Safety of Istanbul for Travellers

How Safe Is It Travel To Istanbul?

How safe is it travel to Istanbul?

The most important question in the process of choosing your next destination is safety and here will try to clarify this issue.

Istanbul is safer with regard to crime and its greatest risks stem from the political situation in Turkey as well as terrorist threats. Yet, this is not to say that violent crimes, as well as minor crimes, do not exist in Istanbul: theft, robbery, and assault are the most common types of minor crimes.

However, recently, with the newly developed network of cameras that oversees the streets of Istanbul 24/7, burglary and purse theft has decreased drastically. It is helpful to know that when you leave the great city of Istanbul, you will be in a safe zone where tourists have only had positive experiences. Istanbul is safe to visit if you avoid some parts that are considered to be dangerous. You should be aware that sights, restaurants, shops, and public transport are places where most thefts and robberies occur and that violent crime also exists here.


Effect of Corona Virus on Turkey Tourism

corona virus in Turkey -How Safe Is It Travel To Istanbul?

corona virus in Turkey

We can say Istanbul has been pretty safe to travel under normal conditions. However, starting from March 2020 as a result of the global coronavirus problem currently, international flights are canceled and museums are closed. With personal precautions and cleaning habits of Turkish society, the expansion of coronavirus was delayed and minimized. Cologne, an alcohol-based liquid has been used as a disinfectant for centuries and played an important role during the coronavirus period.

Despite there being no declaration of curfew yet, almost all shops are closed and people are working at home until the crisis is over.
lately, in 2021, the virus has been controlled with the vaccine and now is considered to be very safe is it travel to Istanbul? when concerned about the virus.

Is There any Terrorism Risk in Istanbul

victim of terrorism candle How Safe Is It Travel To Istanbul?

Victim of Terrorism

The terrorism incidents that caused travelers to avoid Turkey for several years are now in the past, with no significant events being reported in the past 4 years (except for warlike events near the Syrian border) most regions retained a green label, indicating safety in the map launched by US government.

The real danger in Istanbul, in the rest of Turkey, and the reason many tourists are skeptical when it comes to security in this city, is the continuous and frequent terrorist attacks across Turkey that have to do with the political situation in the state and most of them are linked to separatist terrorist activities in southeastern Turkey.

Tourism has been in a period of recovery since then. After this tough period, security forces are reconstituted and become more efficient. We would like to remind you that Istanbul city is located on the western borders of Turkey which is far away from Syria and Iran so there is no need to worry about security.

What are Criminal Risks in Istanbul

criminal_risk for travellers in istanbul
Crime rates are low in the city as it’s the largest and most important city in the country. It’s the entrance gate of Turkey and the capital of tourism as there’s plenty to see and do. Tourism is a vital source of income in Turkey so especially tourist areas are protected by undercover cops along with the officers. Pick-pocketing is very rare and a lot less than many other touristic cities of Europe as a result of these precautions.




Scams on Transportation

transporting scams for travellers in istanbul
Regarding transportation vehicles, you can use taxis and public transportation vehicles such as tram, metro, and ferries. Unfortunately, Uber is forbidden in Turkey due to tax issues so, in means of private transport, you can contact us for private van service along with a private tour guide in Istanbul for more comfortable transportation and visit of Istanbul city.

However, if you prefer taking a taxi you need to be careful and use vehicles your hotel will call for you. Unfortunately, some drivers prefer scams that sabotage our labor for a better service for travelers. In this case of an event, you can ask for help from local people who will try to help you or call the tourism police. All taxis have to use a taximeter and can not overcharge the amount so if the driver denies activating it when you set off, you are free to get off and avoid the possible problems.

Correct Exchange Rate

safe exchage rates for travellers in istanbul
Another important question can be about exchange rates and offices, please remember that rates are almost the same with the internet but it is better to check it before arrival at the office. There can be more difference at the weekends for the rate however talking with the exchange office in advance can make things easier, or your private city guide can handle that for you.

We hope this article helps you to understand how safe is it travel to Istanbul, please feel free to contact us for further assistance and questions.

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