4 Days in Turkey – The Itinerary for amazing 4 Days Turkey Trip!

What to do in 4 Days in Turkey?

No matter how long you stay in Turkey trying to discover all the beauties, it will never be enough. Many ordinary tourists have the misperception of the idea that seeing Istanbul is meant to have visited Turkey but Istanbul is just one of the must-have discovered destinations in Turkey. Asia Minor was the peninsula where the civilizations were raised and passed away.

Still, recently called Anatolia, hosts all the relics from different ages, looking for people to discover and value all the displays that human being created throughout history.

As geography is immense and there are more than a bunch of places to visit we would try to give an idea to visit some of the sites which you should not miss during your Turkey tour. The itinerary is built for 4 days in Turkey,  with the thought that would not allow you to waste your time traveling between the destinations.

Of course, there are some other sites that we totally recommend you to see besides the ones in the tour program but for a short trip, we idealized the 4 days in Turkey itinerary according to the time efficiency. We consider that you would have arrived in Istanbul by an international flight and will start the tour from there.

Day 1:

You may get a flight to Kayseri or Nevsehir Airport from any airport in Istanbul easily as the flights operate quite frequently and the prices are very reasonable. From there you would need a transfer to the Cappadocia region and you may start the tour by visiting the Northern Cappadocia.

We recommend you to see the sights as Uchisar Castle, Goreme Open Air Museum, Avanos, Valley of Monks, Pasabaglar, Devrent Valley during your North Cappadocia tour. In the evening, you may witness one of the folkloric nights and taste the famous pottery kebab before your sleep.

4 Days Turkey Trip

Day 2:

Cappadocia is famous for its unique geography and to witness all the prettiness, we definitely recommend you to take a balloon flight. Balloon flights in Cappadocia are operated during sunrise which means that you would have to get up really early today. You will be picked up from your hotel and taken on a flight where you would see all the breathtaking valleys and have the chance to take photos of unforgettable memories.

After the flight, you will get your flight certificate during the celebration. You will be back at your hotel to have breakfast before the South Cappadocia Tour. After breakfast, the recommended places to visit in South Cappadocia are; Kaymakli Underground City, Soganli Valley, Sobesos Roman Bath, Taskinpasa Madrasah, Mustafapasa – Sinasos.
At the end of the long day, you will get a flight to Izmir from Kayseri Airport. After reaching Izmir, you will be looking forward to crashing into your hotel in Ephesus.

4 Days in Turkey Trip Cappadocia

Day 3:

Ephesus is one of the biggest ancient Greek cities in the Ionian region. The places to be visited are; Temple of Artemis, Great Amphitheater, Celsius Library, Temple of Hadrian and Ephesus Amphitheater, Harbor Street of Ephesus Ancient City, House of the Virgin Mary, Isabey Mosque.
Today we recommend you to try the famous Cop sis in Selcuk. You should have a good rest before the next day which will require a lot of walking in Hierapolis.

4 Days Turkey Trip

Day 4:

You will travel to Pamukkale to discover, one of the best-preserved ancient towns, Hierapolis, and enjoy the natural calcium pools created by thermal water. During the tour, you will see Necropolis, Roman Baths, Domitian Gate, Latrina, Frontinus Street, Agora, Byzantium Gate, Triton Fountain, Cathedral, Apollon Temple, Plutonium, Theater, and Cleopatra Antique Pool, Hierapolis.
As you will have free time to swim in the Cleopatra Pool please take your swimsuit with you.

After the tour, you will be transferred to Denizli Airport for a flight to Istanbul. Upon arrival, you may either connect to your International flight or stay overnight in Istanbul.

4 Days Turkey Trip


This is our suggestion to you for 4 Days in Turkey, what do you think?

If the itinerary looks appealing, to actualize or partially customize, you may get in touch with us to book the tour.

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