Kids Friendly Family Activities in Istanbul 2022

If you’re travelling with kids, Istanbul, which offers many cultural and historical heritage sites to its visitors, also has plenty of children’s activities as well. You can both visit the city highlights, explore museums, learn history and taste Turkish culinary. And also enjoy these “things to do family activities in Istanbul” with your kids to discharge and change your mood in a peaceful atmosphere.

Things to do with kids is sometimes a big problem for families travelling with children, especially in cold times. It may be very hard to find attractions for kids in many cities or towns. But, as Turkish nation is a ‘family orientated‘ community, it can be said without hesitation that “Turkey is one of the countries that you can visit with your family and kids”. In small villages, the enthusiasm of the locals for children may surprise you.

As the sociocultural capital and largest metro pol of Turkey, Istanbul is the main city that you can find loads of attractions for kids that will create memories they will never forget. Here we have to talk about some of the most amazing experiences for children and you while visiting Istanbul.

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Let’s discover what Istanbul offers for kids and plan your visits.

Daily Family Activities in Istanbul for Children

1-Miniaturk Theme Park: An open air park by the Golden Horn (Halic) and one of the best places both for kids and adults to make an Istanbul tour at a fast pace. Visitors can see the miniaturized models of famous historical, cultural and natural sites in Istanbul, Anatolia and surrounding civilizations of modern Turkey. Also, a small size go-kart track is available. It’s located in Beyoglu.

visiting miniatürk is a kids friendly Family Activities in Istanbul


2-Legoland Istanbul: Kids ages 3 to 10 will enjoy a Lego playground that offers creative, colorful and constructive fun with new friends. It’s located in Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall in Bayrampasa district.

3-Isfanbul Theme Park (known as Vialand Theme Park): It is a centrally located large amusement park for families who spend time together and do entertaining activities, a perfect place to spend your day. Isfanbul located in Yesilpinar/Gaziosmanpasa. Please note that still many taxi/cab drivers know the place as Vialand.

kids have fun with sekoling in amusement park Isfanbul vialand Istanbul

4-Sea Life Aquarium: A wonderful day, colorful fish and biggest sharks with instructive explanations of professional staff and possibility of diving. Fish towns, shark kingdoms, rain forest, ocean cave and clown fish alley will be an amazing experience for your family. It’s located in Forum Istanbul Shopping Mall in Bayrampasa district.

5-Istanbul Aquarium: Colorful fish and sea creatures will mesmerize if your children love nature. It will be an unforgettable experience for your family to walk underwater in blue tunnels within sea creatures, it’s located in Florya district of Istanbul.

6-Istanbul Dolphinarium: Istanbul Dolphinarium one of the biggest parks in Europe to see dolphin shows and swim, interact or SCUBA dive with the dolphins. It presents you a unique chance to discover the charming world of sea mammals that have common characteristics with humans. On the shore of the Golden Horn in Eyüp district, invites visitors of all ages to meet cheerful dolphins, playful seals, gigantic walruses and the magnificent white whale!

childrens enjoys with dolphin shows in Istanbul Dolphinarium

7-Istanbul Toy Museum: One of the rare points that you can enjoy your time in Asian side of Istanbul with your kids, it’s founded by a famous Turkish poet and novelist Sunay Akin, the Toy Museum displays toys from the early 16th century.It is located in Kadıköy district and may be easily reached.

8-Istanbul Museum of Modern Art: Here is another family activities in Istanbul specially for family who has interest to arts. This museum offers workshops for their children to familiarize themselves with art in early period of their life. Museum is located in Galataport Karakoy by the Bosporus Strait.

9-Rahmi Koc Museum: The most popular destination of school trips and time tunnels that offers machines, toys, cars, ships, planes, trains and a submarine. You can spend quality time at cafe by the water or watch evolution of classic cars while your children enjoy the many attractions at museum’s garden or learn in a space exploration dome.

10-Bosphorus Ferry: For families with young and fidgety kids having a classic cruise by the Bosporus is challenging activity. You can take public ferry from Eminonu (European side) to Kadikoy (Asian side), this is a relatively short, intercontinental cruise which takes about 30 minutes. You will see Maiden’s Tower during cruise and enjoy with your kids throwing simit to the seagulls.

man throwing simit to seagulls on public ferry istanbul europe to asia

Apart from these family activities in Istanbul including theme parks, charming places, museums, instructive and entertaining attractions mentioned below, there are also many parks to enjoy your family time in green atmosphere in the city, you may follow our blog and check our article about best parks in Istanbul.

Note that in these family activities, there are some places have free or discounted admissions for children. Do not forget to ask before buying tickets.

For more guidance and alternative Istanbul tour options, please do not hesitate to contact our travel advisors, we will be happy to assist you.


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