Myra Archeological Remains of the Lycian Rock Cut Tombs Array

Myra: Lycian Ruins and Enigmatic Tombs Explored

Today, you are going to have an adventurous journey with me to Myra, one of the hidden gems in Turkey. Embedded at the core of ancient Lycia, Myra is a historical and mystical hub waiting to unfold its secrets. For history buffs, archaeology enthusiasts or anyone looking for a unique adventure, Myra should be on your travel bucket list.

Myra Ancient City View

Myra Ancient City View

Why go to Myra?

Fascinating Lycian Rock Tombs

Think of cliffs that rise high into the sky and are dotted with elaborate tombs carved right on them. These are known as Lycian rock tombs and they remain an enigma even today. In this view, it was believed that the souls of the dead would be transferred by winged creatures into another life after death..Thus these tombs were built so high up in close proximity to the sky. The tomb of lion which is highly decorated coupled with its place, makes it a must visit.

Myra Ancient City Ruins

Myra Ancient City Ruins

The Ancient Theater of Myra

If you love old buildings then this ancient theater will leave you without speech. This huge structure could accommodate over ten thousand guests making it the largest and best preserved theater in Lycia. Picture yourself sitting on these aged steps while being surrounded by flourishing vegetation and hearing some distant ocean breaks-just like back in time!

St. Nicholas Church

Did you know that Santa Claus himself, St. Nicholas, hailed from Myra? The St. Nicholas Church is a pilgrimage site for many and is steeped in fascinating history. The church, with its beautiful frescoes and serene atmosphere, offers a glimpse into the life of the beloved saint. Whether you’re religious or not, the history and the architecture here are worth exploring.

Myra Ancient City Lycian Rock Cut Tombs

Myra Ancient City Lycian Rock Cut Tombs

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How can I go to Myra?


Near the town of Demre in Antalya Province is Myra. If you fly there, then the nearest major airport is at Antalya; it takes about 2 hours to drive. You can either take a bus from Antalya to Demre or hire a car. Alongside azure waters on one side and tough mountains on the other hand, driving along the coast of Mediterranean is awe-inspiring.

When should I visit Myra?

The best times to travel to Myra are during spring (April-June) or autumn (September-November); it is not too hot and less crowded as well. At summer time temperatures become hotter while in winter rains may occur thus plan accordingly.

Some advice for your trip

  • Put on comfortable shoes: walking and climbing are difficult.
  • Hydration: This will particularly help if you come during summertime.
  • Guided tours: One should think of hiring a local guide who would give an insight into the historical value of these places. If you are interested in depth, you can contact us for a private tour.
  • Camera ready: The scenery here is simply fantastic and so are ruins, make sure your camera or smart phone has enough power!
Myra Ancient Theatre

Myra Ancient Theatre

Place of Shelter

Demre is replete with accommodation facilities that can range from small and comfortable hotels to luxury ones. You may also opt for a traditional Turkish type of boarding house in order to savor the local cuisine and culture.


Myra is not just any burial site; it is where history breathes. If you walk close to the ruins, it will seem as if you are listening to the words of the ancient Lycian or have St. Nicholas’ spirit with you. This place offers a magnificent combination of culture, nature and historical sites making it an indispensable part of your trip to Turkey.

Therefore, Book a private Turkey tour, pack up your things, get ready for an adventure – take photographs – discover tombs and mysteries of Myra with us! Bon voyage!

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