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Troy: Mythical Legends and Archaeological Wonders

If you’re packing your bags for Turkey, or simply love diving into places where history and mythology intertwine, add Troy to your must-visit list. Situated in Turkey’s scenic northwest near the Dardanelles, Troy offers more than just a peek into ancient wars and legends; it invites you to step directly into the pages of Homer’s “Iliad”.

Troy Ancient City Aerial View

Troy Ancient City Aerial View

The Epic Tale of Troy

Most of us know Troy from what we read in high school about the Trojan War in Homer’s epic tales where love and battle meet with catastrophic results. It is the city where these stories are set, sparked by the prince Paris of Troy, who dared to stole Helen away from her Greek king husband. This act launched a thousand ships and a decade-long war that ended with the cunning Greek trick of the Trojan Horse—a story that has been told and retold for generations.

Exploring Troy’s Ruins

The ruins of Troy — a UNESCO World Heritage site — present a puzzle through time. As you move around them, each corner represents a different era of human civilization. The archaeological site is made up of several layers, labeled Troy I to Troy IX, representing almost four millennia of settlement and development history. Walking through these layers feels like stepping back in time, from the early Bronze Age beginnings to the Roman era adaptations. The layers unearthed by archaeologists offer a tangible connection to the daily lives, customs, and architectural marvels of the ancient Trojans peoples.


Most Recommended Troy Tours

Odeon of the Troy Ancient City

Odeon of the Troy Ancient City

Highlights of the Archaeological Site

  • The Trojan Horse Replica: A visit starts with the massive wooden replica of the Trojan Horse, a perfect spot for an unforgettable photo.
  • Ancient Walls and Gates: The formidable walls and strategic gates of Troy hint at its historical significance in warfare and trade.
  • Schliemann’s Trench: See where Heinrich Schliemann, the passionate archaeologist who unearthed Troy in the 1870s, dug deep to reveal the city’s multiple civilizations.
  • The Odeon: This small Roman amphitheater, once the hub of public life, now sits quietly among the ruins, echoing with stories of the past.

Troy Travel Tips

  • How to Get There: Located near Çanakkale, Troy is roughly a five-hour drive from Istanbul. Driving yourself or booking a guided tour are your best options for a hassle-free visit.
  • When to Go: Aim for spring or early fall to dodge the extreme heat and the peak tourist season.
  • Where to Stay: Çanakkale offers diverse accommodations, from charming boutique hotels to cozy guesthouses.
  • Don’t Miss: Enhance your historical tour by visiting nearby sites like the Gallipoli battlefields and the ancient ruins of Assos.
Trojan Horse Troy Film

Trojan Horse Troy Film

Why Visit Troy?

Troy isn’t just an archaeological site; it’s a portal to the past. Here, every stone and artifact tells a story of ancient civilizations, legendary battles, and the enduring human spirit. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a mythology lover, Troy provides a captivating backdrop to imagine the epic tales of heroes and the rich tapestries of ancient life.

Pack your curiosity and set off for Troy, where every visit promises new insights and timeless stories await around every corner. Ready to walk through history and unravel the mysteries of the past? Troy awaits.


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