What Is The Weather Like In Istanbul? Array

What Is The Weather Like In Istanbul?

Planning your trip to Istanbul and would like to know the weather in Istanbul? 

Istanbul, the biggest and most crowded city in Turkey, is located on two different continents and it acted as a transition point for human beings in many ways. Counting that this is the place where the east and the west meets, besides the cultural diversities, it is indeed a geographical beauty where you may witness the four seasons. The weather in Istanbul still is not predictable for ages but it is for sure the inhabitants enjoy all the facilities that the city provides. We will have a look at what the seasons and the weather change Istanbul to and what is the good time to visit the city.

Spring in Istanbul

Istanbul Spring weatherStarting from March 15th Istanbul the blossoms on trees and the crowd in Sultanahmet Square is quite visible and this is the perfect time for the visitors to wander around the old city as it is not cold anymore and it does not make you sweat during your walks.

Although sometimes are long periods of rain, that gives a city a picturesque atmosphere which is also interesting for the tourists. Remember that after the long winter, it will be busier than any other season, that is why the flight and the hotel rates will be considerably expensive.

Summer ın Istanbul

Istanbul SummerSummers in Istanbul could be extremely hot depending on the year. Generally, people avoid visiting Istanbul as the temperature becomes bothering especially in the daytime which spoils their visits to the attractions. Considering that the city is overpopulated, it becomes more annoying with the lines and the traffic all around the city.

If the coast in Istanbul was appealing for the ones who seek a summer holiday, obviously the summers would be busier but at this point, if you do not see Istanbul as a checkpoint to any other place on the southern coast, it would be better to skip your visit to another season.

Autumn ın Istanbul

Istanbul AutumnThe weather in autumn is mild and the rainiest season after the winter. Lately, with the shifting of the seasons, the beginning of autumn is warmer than before which offers a convenient climate for the visitors. That is why autumn is one of the busiest periods with spring.

The end of the autumn could be a little bit cold and the even rainier, city becomes less crowded till the Christmas and the new year. If you would like to take it easy and enjoy the silent and vacated Old City, the end of the autumn would be the ideal season for you to visit Istanbul.

Winter ın Istanbul

Istanbul WinterWinter is not the perfect time to visit Istanbul in many ways. First of all, it will be cold, wet and dark with clouds all the time. Then the days get shorter and you will have a limited time to spare for sightseeing as the monuments will close earlier than the other seasons.

During the day, you will have to stop by the cafes or your hotel to get a little bit of heat. Or if you are unlucky enough you may witness one of the snowfalls that literally stop the daily life in the city. With these circumstances, we can clearly state that winter is not the best time for the visitors.

We, as Guided Istanbul Tours, provide services during four seasons and adjust the itineraries of the city tours regarding the climate to help our guests make the most of Istanbul. You may contact us to have further information about our tours.


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