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When Did Constantinople Became Istanbul?

If you were wondering when did Constantinople Became Istanbul, we are here to help!

Istanbul and Constantinople are the most common names used for our city today. However, it can be confusing for many. So let’s explain these names of our city. Where they came and how they changed?

The history is of how did Constantinople became Istanbul is definitely fascinating! The city of Constantinople has a long history as old as history itself. However, the most well-known name of Constantinople is named after Emperor Constantine as the city of the founder.

Emperor Constantine - Constantinople Became Istanbul

Emperor Constantine

Eastern Roman Empire named it’s capital Constantinopolis (city of Constantine). During the final crusade, the Latin army preferred staying in rich Constantinopolis instead of moving towards Jerusalem. This stop lasts about 57 years. However, in 1261 Byzantines reclaimed the control of the city again.

Until then, the city was the richest of Europe and Asia. Gold reserve of the city was moved to European countries with Latin soldier’s as well. Emperors tried to finding remedies for the capital again. But nothing was able to return the city that old good days of richness and glory with a constant flow of gold with ships of trade.

How Did Constantinople Became Istanbul?

A new young Sultan Mehmet after taking the throne from his father Murad II in 1451, Shortly he started making plans to conquer the city of Constantinople as it’s the last unconquered spot between the Ottoman lands expanding from Central Anatolia in Asia to till Belgrade in Europe.

Despite many attempts by his predecessor’s, the city was protected by strong walls, chains in the Golden Horn, and the famous Greek fire that can burn ships in the water. He was trained to be a Sultan, an engineer, and a leader to conquer Constantinople as it was stayed like a cancer cell in the heart of the Ottoman country.

On 1453 May 29, after a 53-day siege, the Muslim Turkish army under the rule of Mehmet II (aged 21) took over the city from Constantine XI Paleologos. In siege, he used the strongest cannons designed by the young Sultan himself. This conquest not an only the end of Byzantine Empire also end of the Middle Ages.

Fatih Sultan Mehmet in Constantinople Conquest - Constantinople Became Istanbul

Fatih Sultan Mehmet in Constantinople Conquest


After the conquest, he was renaming the city as Islambol, made it the capital city of the Ottoman Empire. And practiced the first Friday prayer in Hagia Sophia.

Within centuries, the city was called as Islambol and Constantinople. In the last decades of the Ottoman Empire, it became widely known as Istanbul.

With the fall of the Ottoman Empire, the city was in the hands of the newborn Turkish Republic. With the order of Mustafa Kemal, the founder of the new state, the name of the city was announced as Istanbul.

After the conquest of the city, Sultan Mehmet was named as Fatih (means Conqueror). The chance of staying and practicing their religion freely was given to the Christian community by Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

However, most of the elegant and educated society preferred leaving the city. Most arrived and resided in Italy and with thoughts of new arrivals. These thoughts start the born and move in Renaissance that began to change the ideology of the Europe continent.


Chora Church Istanbul

Chora Church

In the meanwhile, the city of Constantinople / Islambol was in the process of transformation in the hands of Sultan Mehmet. During this period, many churches were converted into mosques and minarets started rising on the horizon of the city. Pantokrator Monastery, San Paolo Church, Pammakaristos Church, and Chora Church are just a few of the converted churches.

Today still you can see some well-preserved mosaics in these mosques. Some were converted into museums now, such as Chora Church, and you can visit it with our private Istanbul tour guide during your Istanbul holiday.

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