Patara Ancient City Array

Patara: Turkey’s Timeless Treasure of Ruins and Waves

Hello there, fellow travelers! This blog will take you on a virtual trip to one of the Turkey’s undiscovered pearls – Patara. If you are a history nut or love beaches, Patara is a place for both. In this article, we explore why you should consider including Patara in your travel bucket list and how you can make the most out of your trip.

Patara Ancient City View

Patara Ancient City View

Why Visit Patara?

1. Ancient Ruins with Stories

Patara is an old city dating back to Lycian period and it has got some stories to tell. Explore through the ruins and discover a combination of Roman baths, glorious theatre along with famous Patara’s Arch. The best part? It is relatively less crowded than other heritage sites within the country hence giving you time to truly soak up on the historical moments without the rushes.

2. A Beach Lover’s Dream

Just near the ancient ruins lies Patara Beach. It happens to be one of Turkey’s longest at 18 kilometers long, being made up of fine golden sands . Picture yourself lying down on sand while hearing waves crash against each other- it feels heavenly! Additionally, it is conserved hence clean and unspoilt. Some day, you might even spot nesting sea turtles if luck comes by your way.

Patara Beach

Patara Beach

3. Natural Beauty and Serenity

Beside history and beaches, Patara brings a lot more to the table. The region is full of natural beauty such as dunes, pine woods and marshes; it is ideal for people who are looking for some adventure and want to explore the nature itself. It covers all kinds of activities like hiking, bird watching or just sightseeing.

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How to Get There

By Plane: The nearest airport to Patara is Dalaman Airport which is approximately two hours by drive. You can rent car at the airport or arrange a shuttle service.

By Car: If you are in Turkey already, then reaching Patara will be very easy. It is only 75 kilometers away from Fethiye and 43 kilometers from Kaş. Most roads are great while driving these roads provide an enjoyable experience.

By Bus: Travelling via bus in Turkey has been made super easy because of their reliable bus system which connects most cities including Istanbul, Ankara or Antalya to Fethiye/Kaş where you can take a local minibus to go straight towards Patara.

Patara Ancient Theatre

Patara Ancient Theatre

Tips for Visiting Patara

  1. Timing is everything: The best time to visit Patara is from May to October when the weather is warm enough and the sea inviting for swimming. If you want to avoid the busiest tourist season, aim for either May or September.
  2. Stay close: There are several lovely guesthouses and boutique hotels in Gelemis, a nearby village. By staying here, you can easily access both the beach and the ruins.
  3. Carry essentials: Do not forget to pack your sunscreen, hat and water bottles as you explore the ruins during daytime when sun can burn pretty much.
  4. Respect nature: As Patara is a protected area, it would be wise to consider local wild life and maintain its natural beauty by sticking to authorized paths and not disturbing sea turtles among others.
  5. Local meals: Enjoy the local cuisine at one of the family-owned diners in Gelemis like fresh seafood, traditional Turkish dishes or simply Turkish tea, which we all know how delicious it can be!
Patara Ancient View

Patara Ancient View

Patara is where history merges with nature beautifully. Whether you are trudging through ancient ruins or just chilling on that amazing beach line; this place has something for everyone. So get ready, pack your bags and let’s go discover this concealed treasure in Turkey together; you will never forget it!

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