Best parks in Istanbul Array

Best Parks in Istanbul Turkey

Best Parks in Istanbul Turkey

In the history books, Constantinople is presented as an amazing city of the world. Since then, many books have been written describing Istanbul and its unique beauty by many authors from different countries. But, none of these descriptions can reflect the true beauty of the city. Instead, we recommend you to visit Istanbul and see the beauties of the city with your own eyes.


Despite extreme numbers of population living in this city and ongoing constructions, there are still many beautiful sites that you can walk around, hike and discover.In Istambul there are several parks where you can enjoy the beauties of the city in peace and use them as a playground for your children. Running isn’t as common as in Europe, but every morning you will see locals jogging in these parks.

Old City Gulhane Park long trees and little pond in best parks in Istanbul

Old City Istanbul – Gulhane Park


Parks, groves and forests are perfect locations to see nature and refresh yourself. Some of these parks are within the city and some others are a bit off the beaten track. In this article, we have listed centrally located city parks that you can easily reach with public transportation. Istanbul has a good and continually expanding public transportation system with ferries, trams, buses, rail, and a subway (metro) line.


Most Popular Parks in Istanbul

Emirgan Korusu (Emirgan Grove in European side)


Located on a hill overlooking the Bosphorus Strait, It is one of the largest parks in Istanbul with its 120 acres of land with plenty of green places, mansions, little ponds which also offers well-known tulips of Istanbul. Tulip Festival is mostly celebrated in this park along with some other small size parks.

It got its name from the neighbourhood itself.

Emirgan Koru parks with colourfull tulips


Fethi Pasa Korusu (Fethi Pasha Grove in Asian side)

Fethi Pasa Korusu is one of the best parks in Istanbul and a great place with lots of greenery to relax and escape from Istanbul’s hustle and bustle. It’s located in Istanbul’s Uskudar district, which includes Beylerbeyi Palace. Here you can have a sip from your drink, enjoy your time and take pictures against Bosphorus Strait from one of the best viewpoints in Istanbul. Fethi Pasha Grove is easily accessible by public transportation from Eminonu, Karakoy and Besiktas.


Bosphorus view from Fethi pasa korusu parks in Istanbul


Gulhane Park (in European side)


Surrounded by the walls of ancient Constantinople and serving as a recreation area for Ottoman sultans, Gulhane is centrally located, which can be visited by tourists staying in the Old City (Sultanahmet area). It’s in the way of many guests, as it’s located at royal palace of Topkapi skirts and next to Istanbul Archeological Museum.

During your private Istanbul tours, you can rest in this park and enjoy free time with your tour guide. During the Tulip Festival, Gulhane experiences the most colourful time, but not many people know that. Most of the time, it remains quiet amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

Tulip Festival in Gulhane Parks in Istanbul


In addition to all this information about parks in Istanbul, we’re happy to organise your private Istanbul tours, designed by our experienced travel consultants according to your interests.

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