No Lockdown In Turkey From July 1st

No Lockdown In Turkey From July 1st

Turkey To Be Normalized Very Soon

Citizens of Turkey were long time suffering from the curfews applied to slow down the spread of the virus and there was a clear opposition in the society regarding the consistency of the measures taken by the government.

The lockdowns at the weekend aroused indignation among the working class as they were only allowed to stay out during working hours. Restrictions such as banning alcohol sales on the weekends or closing pubs for good during the pandemic were some of the things that people had difficulties in reasoning, thus all the practices regarding the limitations were recently being questioned by the majority of the population.

Turkey to be normalized

No Lockdown In Turkey

Especially, catering and entertainment industries became the victims of these decisions, with the arrival of the sunny days people started to raise their voices. Finally, with the drop in the new cases and the speed of the ongoing vaccination process, the authorities announced that Turkey to be normalized very soon and there will be no lockdown in Turkey From July 1st. Putting mask is still continue.

Some other good news followed the annulment of the lockdown during the speech of the president. From July 1st, there is no prohibition for traveling between the provinces, no time and capacity limit for eateries such as restaurants and cafes, also all the

Lockdown In Turkey

No Lockdown In Turkey

restrictions implemented for public transportation will be suppressed.

The pubs, bars, and nightclubs will be opened after a long period which lasted almost a year but there is a limit regarding the music broadcast including the live music halls. Due to the announcement, places are allowed to play music until midnight, however, they can operate with the legal procedure timewise. The movie and theatre halls will also be opened starting from July, concerts could be another big step to normalize due to the public opinion. Concerts could be organized with limited capacity in halls or open-air activities.

Covid Restrictions In Turkey For Tourists

Tourists were exempt from the measures taken for the locals during the strict days. They never had to worry about entering the country, curfews, intercity transportation, or the museums and attractions to be visited, there were only minor issues such as the restaurants, public transportation during the lockdown, or the cautions applied for public safety. The only thing that the tourists have to care about now is declaring a PCR test upon their arrival if they are not vaccinated or they are recovered from the disease in the last six months.

There are different guidelines for the ones arriving from specific countries which can be found in detail here in Turkish Airlines WebSite. There is nothing to worry about the rest in Turkey, the numbers also show that not only related to the restrictions, but in their daily life, Turkish society is becoming more normal every single day.

Also, the demand for traveling is rising and tourists are eager to travel to Turkey with the actual normalization. We, as Guided Istanbul Tours, keep doing our best to assist you with your experiences here in Turkey. You may always contact us regarding your questions and future plans.


sultanahmet square normalized

No Lockdown In Turkey

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