When is Sacrifice Eid in Turkey in 2021?

When is Sacrifice Eid in Turkey 2024?

Sacrifice Eid, known as Kurban Bayrami in Turkish or Eid al-Adha in Arabic, holds immense religious and cultural importance in Turkey. This comprehensive guide unveils the time-honored traditions, historical significance, dates, and jubilant celebrations associated with this momentous occasion.

The Significance of Sacrifice Eid (Sacrifice Feast)

Sacrifice Eid commemorates the devotion and obedience of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) to God. The festival symbolizes his willingness to sacrifice his own son as an act of submission, and how God, in His mercy, replaced the son with a ram. This event is celebrated as a testament to faith, sacrifice, and gratitude.

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When is Sacrifice Eid in Turkey 2023?

Sacrifice Eid falls around the 10th to the 13th day of the Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah (Zilhicce). In 2024, the first day of Sacrifice Eid in Turkey is Wednesday, June 16th. The festival spans four days, providing ample time for families to come together and participate in various customs and festivities.

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Rituals and Traditions:

On the morning of the first day of the Sacrifice Eid in Turkey, men of each family go to a mosque for special morning prayer in the early hours of the day with the first sunrise. When they get back home, the sacrifice ritual begins.

a) Animal Sacrifice: A central aspect of Sacrifice Eid is the ritualistic sacrifice of an animal, typically a sheep, goat, or cow. Families purchase the animal beforehand, taking care of it until the day of sacrifice. The act symbolizes selflessness, sharing, and gratitude towards God’s blessings.

b) Family Reunions: Sacrifice Eid is a time for family reunions. People travel to their hometowns, where they gather with loved ones, visit relatives, and strengthen familial bonds. The roads witness increased traffic as individuals embark on this heartfelt journey.

Family together in kurban bayram (Eid al-Adha)

c) Greetings and Customs: Younger family members pay their respects to elders by kissing their hands and then lifting them to their foreheads. This gesture signifies reverence and receives blessings in return. Some cultures also exchange gifts during this festive period.

d) Decorations and Prayers: In some Turkish families, the head of the sacrificial animal is painted with henna and adorned with ribbons. Before the sacrifice, a prayer is recited by the eldest family member or the appointed butcher, seeking divine blessings.

e) Meat Distribution: After the sacrifice, families distribute the meat. Approximately two-thirds is shared with relatives and neighbors, fostering a sense of community. Another one-third is traditionally donated to the less fortunate, promoting compassion and generosity.

sheeps waiting Sacrifice Eid Feast


Impact on Daily Life:

During Sacrifice Eid, Turkey observes a nationwide public holiday, creating a vibrant atmosphere as people fully immerse themselves in the festivities. Schools and most businesses are closed, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the celebrations. While supermarkets remain open to cater to essential needs, it’s important to note that certain tourist attractions may have closures during this period, if you planning travel to Turkey in June 2024

For visitors to Istanbul, it’s worth being aware that some popular destinations, including the Grand (Covered) Bazaar and Spice Market, may observe closures during Sacrifice Eid. However, you can still make the most of your visit to Istanbul by exploring the city’s rich history and cultural heritage through guided tours. Guided Istanbul Tours offers specialized services tailored to the Sacrifice Eid period. Our professional tour guides are well-informed about site closures and will adapt the itinerary to ensure you have a fulfilling experience, replacing closed sites with alternative attractions of interest.

To optimize your time and make the most of Istanbul during Sacrifice Eid 2024, it’s possible to plan ahead your tour with Guided Istanbul Tours. This way, you can explore the city with ease and immerse yourself in the unique cultural ambiance of Sacrifice Eid, even with certain closures in place.

In a conclusion; Sacrifice Eid, the auspicious festival of faith and sacrifice, brings families closer, strengthens bonds, and encourages acts of charity. By understanding the traditions, historical significance, and vibrant celebrations of this occasion, you can fully embrace the rich cultural tapestry and warm hospitality that define Sacrifice Eid in Turkey

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    According to Islam, it is not right to sacrifice animals that are not in good health and that are too lame to go to the slaughter area. If you are a foreigner in Turkey for the first time and you are wondering what the people do and what you will encounter during Eid al-Adha. On the first day of Eid, there are not many visits because people are interested in slaughtering and distributing the sacrifice after performing the Eid prayer.

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