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Turkey Eases COVID Restrictions By June

Turkey had tightened the restrictions regarding the spread at the beginning of May when the number of new cases significantly arose. After the 17 days lockdown at the end of Ramadan and Eid, the new regulations were expected by the society that leads to the process of normalization. The recent decision is to become normal […]

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Using Public Transportation in Istanbul

Welcome to Istanbul, This is the most well-known and popular city of Turkey, It’s a city with population of 20 million people living on Asian and European continents. It’s so crowded that 25% of Turkish citizens are working, studying and living here. So it’s always crowded and there is always a traffic jam all around […]

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“Turkish Desserts”, The Cultural Essence of a Nation

  Turkish Desserts are known for their richness and diversity, a heady gamut including ethnic regional specialties and modern cosmopolitanism. Let’s take a quick glance at some popular traditional Turkish Desserts; The Most Popular And Favorite “Baklava” Baklava is a rich delicious traditional Turkish dessert made of layers of crispy golden filo, filled with chopped […]

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