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A Journey to Demre’s Saint Nicholas Ancient Church

You are going to Turkey, but you also want a unique find that has history buried beneath its surface. Demre’s Church, but is also knows as the Church of Saint Nicholas. This is the real Santa Claus!

Reasons for Visiting Demre’s Saint Nicholas Ancient Church

Why should Demre’s Church be on your list of places to visit? In addition to this being a must see place if you enjoy history, architecture or good stories. It goes back to the fourth century and is dedicated to St. Nicholas who was the bishop of Myra (now Demre) and became better known as Santa Claus. History seems to ooze out of these old walls when you walk through them; it feels like walking back in time.

Demre Saint Nicholas Church Outside

Demre Saint Nicholas Church Outside

The frescoes and mosaics are utterly stunning and let you have an insight into art and religious practices during the early Byzantine times. Also, situated in a quaint little town with a laid-back atmosphere, this church acts as an escape from all the busy tourist areas in Turkey.

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How to Get There

Now let us talk about logistics. Demre is situated in the Antalya province, located on the southwestern coast of Turkey. If you start from Istanbul, a flight to Antalya would take you only one hour. The distance between Antalya and Demre is about three hours by road. One can hire a car or take a bus; both choices are easy.

If you are already exploring around the Turquoise Coast, it may be closer than you think! From hotspots like Kas or Fethiye, Demre is just a scenic drive away. Trust me on this; the coastal views alone make the trip worthwhile.

Demre Saint Nicholas Church Inside

Demre Saint Nicholas Church Inside

What to Expect on Demre’s Saint Nicholas Ancient Church

When you arrive there, you will find that the church is situated in the heart of Demre town. The entrance fee is quite affordable and once inside one can go at their own pace. Also don’t forget to have a look at Saint Nicholas’ ancient tombstone which for many people remains its highlight.

This place is not big, so two hours should give you ample time to see everything here. However, spend your time on this particular area looking closely at them. It tells many stories with its multiple faded frescoes and intricate carvings.

Demre Saint Nicholas Church Fresco

Demre Saint Nicholas Church Fresco

Tips for Your Visit

  • Best Time to Visit: Avoid the tourist crowds by going to there in spring and autumn when the weather is moderate.
  • What to Wear: The ground can be lumpy so put on comfortable shoes that will allow you to explore every corner of it.
  • Stay Hydrated: Because sometimes it gets very hot, especially during summer months. Carry water with you always.


Visiting the Church of Saint Nicholas in Demre transports one back in time. For anyone interested in history, spirituality, or exploration, this place is a must-see. Well then, write it down on your Turkey bucket list and enjoy exploring the story behind Santa Claus’s birthplace as well.

Wish you happy travels… may your adventures be as magical as those of old!


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