Istanbul Airport Free Wifi

Does Istanbul Airport Have Free Wifi?

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The first this, when we arrive in a new city, is if the Airport Have Free Wifi, yes there is and here we teach how to use it!

Being online matters a lot while traveling as you try to figure out how things work and seek information if you are not well prepared. Especially at the airports you always see people trying to find their rides, reach their travel agent or hotel, check the best way to get to the city center or if they have a stopover, just to pass the time.

Most of the airports provide free wifi service for these people in need relieving their stress, preventing them spend a fortune for roaming or dealing with getting a local sim card.

Istanbul Airport is one of these airports which offer free wifi, but the time is limited to only one hour. There are two ways to connect to the internet offered by the main service provide in Turkey, Turk Telekom. But how we are going to sign in?

How To Connect To The Airport free wifi?

There are two simple ways to connect to the network provided by Turk Telekom. One of them only works if you have a mobile phone with you which allows you to get text messages, so you should have a working sim card does no matter if it is Turkish or foreign. Once you connect to the related network, you will be asked to enter your phone number to get the code to use one-hour free internet. After putting the code down, you are signed in.

If you do not have an active mobile phone with you, you may use the wifi kiosks where you just swipe your passport to get a printed code to sign in. You may face long lines in front of the kiosks, so the first option is much easier if you have been able to receive text messages.

Istanbul Airport Free Wifi Connection

Remember that this kind of free wifi service quite often does not work properly of they offer a very slow connection. In the city, you also will find an internet connection in each hotel, cafe, or restaurant.

But again, the speed and the accessibility will be limited. If you are seeking a quality internet connection during your vacation in Istanbul you should check the other options below.



Other Options To Go Online In Istanbul

Pocket Wifi in Istanbul Turkey

There are two practical ways for connecting to the internet if you have not bought a package from your GSM provider back home.

The first one is to get pocket wifi from any operator. You may go online to check before heading to Turkey and buy one of the packages online. The modem will be sent to the given address on the desired date. It may be collected by your travel agent, your guide, or the hotel staff that could be handed to you. This is probably the best way to have wifi with you.

The other way is to buy a prepaid local sim card. You should go to one of the shops of the local service providers with your passport. You may ask your guide to get some assistance with the process.


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