Priene Ancient City Array

Explore Priene: Turkey’s Hidden Ancient Treasure | Travel Guide

Today, We’ll lead you through a journey into one of Turkey’s hidden treasures- Priene the ancient city. If you love history, beautiful ruins and off the beaten path adventures then this place is for you. So grab your travel journal, and let’s get to know why Priene should be on your itinerary and how best to visit it!

Priene Ancient City View

Priene Ancient City View

Why Visit Priene?

Firstly, one can say that Priene is like walking back in time. This Ancient Greek town located on the slopes of Mount Mykale has some of the best-preserved ruins that you will ever see. Unlike other crowded historical sites, Priene feels intimate as if no one ever touched it. You can almost hear whispers from ancient Greek philosophers and Roman citizens as one wanders along its streets.

One of its attractions is Athena Temple. It is an impressive sample of classical Greek architecture with tall columns and fine engravings on them. The town also contains a well-maintained amphitheater which accommodated up to 6,500 spectators at a time. Just think about what attending drama there might have been like!

But not only do the ruins impress here; there are also amazing views all around Priene. You can have a panoramic look over Meander River Valley as well as far-off mountains from there too. Find yourself in such thoughtful mood or create epic Instagram shots.

Priene Ancient City Amphitheatre

Priene Ancient City Amphitheatre

Instructions to travel to Priene

Let us look at the logistics. It is not difficult to get there. The town of Priene is situated in the Aydin province, near modern Gullubahce. If you are staying in tourist centers like Selcuk (Ephesus) or Kusadasi then you are lucky – it is just a short drive.

By Car: Renting a car gives you the advantage of going through things at your own pace. It takes approximately an hour from Kusadasi and 45 minutes from Selcuk by road. The tarmac roads are also good and can be used freely as they offer a scenic route too.

By Public Transport: If travelling via public transport, one can take dolmuş (a shared minibus) from Kusadasi or Selcuk towards Söke. Thereafter use another dolmuş or taxi for Guellubahce. Although it might be slightly longer than other routes but it’s manageable.

Once you’re in Güllübahçe, Priene is just a short uphill walk. Wear comfy shoes because the path can be a bit rocky. And don’t forget to bring water, especially if you’re visiting in the summer months – it can get pretty hot!

Priene Stone Street Ruins

Priene Stone Street Ruins

Tips for Your Visit

  1. Timing: It is better to visit early in the morning or in the evening when it is cooler and fewer people are there.
  2. Guided Tour: If you love history, consider our local tours. Our guides will have so much more background information and interesting stories that can be found nowhere else except from tourist books.
  3. Picnic: Pack up your picnic! The place has some enchanting spots where one can sit back, relax, admire the scenery while munching on some local delicacies.
  4. Photography: Don’t forget your camera or phone for great photos. The ruins of this ancient city look remarkable with light casting beautiful shadows and highlights early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
Priene Ancient City Landscape

Priene Ancient City Landscape

To some extent, Priene may not be as renowned as Ephesus or Troy but that’s what makes it appealing. It provides a unique opportunity to travel back in time without having to deal with all sort of heavy touristy traffic. Be it an ardent historian, photographer or simply someone looking for something different, this ancient city has got everything covered.

In your next trip to Turkey make sure you include Priene in your list; believe me it is an untapped goldmine!

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