Is a Helicopter Tour Available in Istanbul

Is a Helicopter Tour Available in Istanbul?

Yes, heli tours are operated in Istanbul to watch city within short time with all beauties it offers for guests. Private helicopter tours in Istanbul will give you a chance to do sightseeing tour in limited time with accompany of a local tour guide for explanation. Especially for guests who prefer having panoramic views or short tours, this is an unmissable activity in Istanbul.

Which experiences are best for helicopter tours in Istanbul?

helicopter tours in IstanbulMost suggested experience in Istanbul is a short heli ride over the Historical Peninsula to see Topkapi Palace and royal garden of Ottoman Dynasty, gorgeous Hagia Sophia, famous six-minaret Blue Mosque, Hippodrome and Grand Covered Bazaar. Along the way you will witness the mesmerizing beauty of Bosphorus Strait and Golden Horn.




What are the best places for helicopter tours in Istanbul?

best places for helicopter tours in IstanbulThere are two different continents in Istanbul and we operate helicopter tours from both continents from different stations. According to your hotel location our team can advise you the best place to depart and recommend flight duration. In such a large city which has a lot to see, we offer different routes according to duration of flight. By clicking this link you can go to our page and check heli flight options.

Which places provide the best helicopter tours in Istanbul for couples?

A romantic helicopter flight for couples over Istanbul and ancient Constantine city will be an unforgettable experience for your love. Also for families it’s the fastest way of having a panoramic view of the city, Historical Peninsula, Bosphorus Strait, Asian and European continents.

How much does it cost for a helicopter tour?

Istanbul has a lot of sitesPrice of private heli tours depends on the duration of your flight and your course of flight, in order to see price options please go to our tour page and see updated rates of Helicopter Tours in Istanbul.

Is a helicopter ride worth it?

One of the most important and oldest cities of the world, Istanbul has a lot of sites to see and visit. If you would like to visit them one by one it will take about a year, as tourists won’t have that chance, the fastest way of discovering Istanbul will be a heli tour to see. You will notice that even only Bosphorus Strait itself will be worth enough to rent a helicopter.

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