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Discover Miletus: Birthplace of Philosophy & Ancient Ruins

If you are can’t get enough of history, ancient ruins, and a good dose of philosophy thrown in for good measure, Miletus in Turkey is calling your name. It is often overshadowed by Ephesus and Pergamon but it’s not worth missing. Now let us see why you should include Miletus on your travel itinerary and what to do with this amazing ancient city.

Miletus Amphitheater

Miletus Amphitheater

Why Visit Miletus?

1. The Birthplace of Philosophy

Miletus was famously known as the home of Western philosophy; it was where big names such as Thales, Anaximander, and Anaximenes resided. These were the guys who were laying down the foundations of science and philosophy long before it became cool. As you walk through them you can almost hear their trailblazing thoughts. It’s really trippy!

Miletus Ancient City Amphitheater Ancient Ruins

Miletus Ancient City Amphitheater Ancient Ruins

2. Impressive Ruins

To say that these ruins are stunning would be an understatement The grand theater which could accommodate around 15k people is one of those highlights: go up to the top if you want some killer views of surrounding countryside. There is also the Delphinium – an old sanctuary dedicated to Apollo – along with Baths of Faustina. By wandering about in these old structures, one gets a taste of how things were back then

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3. Lesser Crowds

Unlike some of the more famous sites, Miletus doesn’t get swarmed with tourists. This means you can take your time, snap some awesome photos without a bunch of strangers in the background, and really soak in the atmosphere. It’s a much more relaxed vibe, perfect for those who like to explore at their own pace.

Miletus Amphitheater Inside

Miletus Amphitheater Inside

How to Visit Miletus

Getting There

Miletus is near Didim in the Western part of Turkey. You can easily go there by road from Bodrum or Kusadasi which are nearby. Having a rented car gives you the freedom to explore at your pace. Guided tours are also available, do not hesitate contact our travel consultants to get more information private tour options all around Turkey. Besides, buses from Didim will take you nearer to the place.

When to Go

The climate is mild in spring (April-June) and autumn (September-October) which are the best times for visits. The heat gets unbearable during summers, making it difficult to loiter around ruins. Additionally, early morning and late evening light provide perfect photography opportunities.

Miletus Ancient Ruins

Miletus Ancient Ruins

What to Bring

  • Comfortable Footwear: As you walk, ground may be uneven.
  • Water and Snacks: Few things on-site; thus, pack some snacks and water before leaving.
  • Camera: It is advisable taking shots of these beautiful remnants and great looking landscapes.
  • Sun Protection: Hat, glasses and sun cream should be worn especially if one visits during warmer months.
Miletus Ancient City Amphitheater View

Miletus Ancient City Amphitheater View

Entrance Fees and Hours

Normally during summer, one can expect a daily opening time of around 8:30 AM until 7:00 PM but this shrinks up until 5pm on winter days. While entry fees are affordable even if paid with cash at entrance gate it might be good idea to have some cash handy just incase they don’t accept debit cards

Miletus Ancient City Ruins

Miletus Ancient City Ruins

The city or region of Miletus is one such place that makes one to grasp the magnitude and depth of human history. This does not only concern the ruins; it encompasses a physical connection with a history. Whether you are interested in history, love philosophy or are an adventurer, Miletus is worth a visit.

Pack your bags, take your camera, and get ready to go back in time with us! We await you at Miletus!

Contact us to planning your safe journey and enjoy discovering new places!

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