Will Cruises Be Sailing In 2021 Array

Will Cruises Be Sailing In 2021?

Diamond Princess Pandemic - Cruises

Diamond Princess Pandemic – Cruises

One of the biggest impacts of the pandemic was on the cruise operators as all the cruises stopped during this period.

As experienced in Diamond Princess at the beginning of the pandemic, nearly 20% of the passengers were infected and there were 14 deaths.

The infection and death rate was obviously much higher than any place on earth, so this was quite scary and worrisome for the business. Many companies have gone bankrupt and ships were demounted and sold to cover the potential loss. With the recent developments, there is a strong belief that the ships will be sailing this year when the vaccination process is over.

ships were demounted

Ships were demounted – Cruises


Will Cruises Be Sailing In 2021?

Many operators thought that May would be the time to start sailing again and acted so, but most of them decided not to declare a time to restart the business.

The progress in vaccination is the main key to consider, however despite the unclear effects of preventive inoculation Saga Cruises became the first to announce that the fleet will operate by May with the obligation for all the passengers to get vaccinated.

The spokesperson did not mention which of the vaccines would be granted and if the vaccines would be supplied by the company. Also, some other precautions will be implemented to minimize the risk of the incidents such as keeping the capacity at a certain level, changing the frequency and efficiency of cleansing, and doubling their medical staff onboard.

Istanbul Cruise

Istanbul Cruises

Many passengers keep on waiting for the schedules to be disclosed to go on their delayed vacation and also the expectation of demand is likely to be the highest in all times as people are stuck at homes for about a year looking for a way to normalize in every way.

Beyond any doubt, they are eager to act on this thought, however, the bookings for further dates, like the autumn, show that it is still obscure for the majority as the numbers are not as high as the predictions. The cancellation policies play an important role in convincing people to book their next vacation during the pandemic as the future is not still quite clear.

We believe that once the vaccination globalizes and the results come out positively, by the way, this is a hard thing to accomplish in a very short period, the travel industry and the cruise lines will be dealing with the excess demand of people looking away to value their forced savings in the most humane way.

Also, as Guided Istanbul Tours, we continue our operations and we will be glad to assist you regarding all the shore excursions from all the ports of call in Turkey.

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