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Are Istanbul Airport Taxis Safe?

Istanbul was always quite popular with unpleasant experiences with the taxi drivers. Mostly in airport taxis. Needless to say, tourists try to avoid getting taxis unless they have another choice. Considering that the new airport is outside the city center and the public transportation is not fully integrated, getting taxis seem to be the most convenient way to get to the downtown. Although Taxis in Istanbul are inexpensive, you might worry about safety.

Istanbul Airport Taxi

But the question about the taxis remains and hesitation still goes on, remembering that Uber is operating in Turkey, however, the service is also a taxi booking but you are not able to book inside the airport and you will need to go to the queue for regular airport taxis.
You may ask “Are the taxis that we take from the airport will just be fine?” “What are the things that we need to be aware of?” Here we try to clarify that.

What Should We Be Aware Of When Getting A Taxi From Istanbul Airport?

It is not like hailing any taxis on the street, the airport has its own taxi station which means that they will be much more organized and trustworthy. What you need to be aware of is just the sign of the Airport Taxi Station which is generally placed on both sides of the car. Having one company seems to be simple but this does not mean having one standard service.

There are different colors of taxis presenting different levels of comfort and capacity. You should look for the one which matches your budget and expectation. Yellow ones are the regulars, while the blue ones have better quality cars, lastly, the black minivans have more capacity and they are a little bit pricey for sure. They have all meters and they run correctly. Still, having an idea about the probable cost is always welcome, not to face any problems.

istanbul airport taxis color yellow and turquoise

The amount which the meter shows is the amount related to the distance, however, there are some toll roads that you may encounter when running from a traffic jam. Furthermore, you should remember that the bridges to cross to the Asian Side also require payments which should be paid to the driver separate from the meter. Normally there is no baggage fee or tip is asked for for the regular taxi ride, but as a mark of goodwill, you may give some extra money to the driver.


What Are The Other Options Rather than Airport Taxis To travel the City?

In case you don’t want to take airport taxis you can try public transport. Unfortunately, Istanbul’s new airport still doesn’t have access to the city’s subway, at least for the time being. The public transportation does not seem to be getting completed soon that is why you do not have many options to travel to the inner city. The more reasonable way seems to be the Havaist Bus which has shuttles every half an hour to the major hubs in the city center.
The main bus lines are:

Line H2:  Istanbul Airport x Mecidiyeköy. There are 16 daily frequencies in each direction. Check the time
Line H3:  Istanbul Airport x Halkalı. There are 14 daily frequencies in each direction. Check the time 
Line H4: IGA  x Ataturk airport. There are 24 daily frequencies in each direction. Ideal for those connecting to the old airport. Check the time

havaist istanbul airport transfer shuttle buses


Another option is to book private transfers via travel agencies or book online, which will save you from the hassle at the airport.

If you are in transit and looking forward to discovering the city in a short while, you may also book the layover tours departing from the airport which is much more practical for you to wander around looking for the vehicles. One last thing, some hotels offer free aiport transportation service in the booking process, while booking, you may check these options as well.

Istanbul Layover Tour table




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